Newsletter 25-01-2016


Dear colleagues

I hope you have had a happy new year. As our Vice-Chancellor wrote in his newsletter, 2016 is an anniversary year: The University turns 50 years old. This will be celebrated in different ways throughout the year, and you can keep up with the many activities and events at the special anniversary site at (only available in Danish).

But this is also a year for looking ahead. As I wrote in the previous newsletter, the local strategy development is currently at full speed. I recently had the opportunity to see some of the many exciting ideas and proposals being worked on in the departments and administrative units, and it looks very promising for the continued process. Thank you for your efforts!

The Education Board in full swing

Following the reorganisation of the research groups and departments in the autumn, one of the key tasks is to focus and prioritise our portfolio of full-time study programmes. The framework for this work is laid down by the strategy: Our programmes must be attractive, financially viable and relevant, and must have a clear link to our research groups.

We have waited for the Education Board to be set up, so that it could embark on this task. The Board is now ready, and it has been working hard since day one! On the basis of our self-evaluation, and the financial and register-based analyses of our study programmes, the Board is busy coming up with ideas on how to sharpen our portfolio.

The need for this work has been reinforced by the future university cut-backs. By March, we must, like the other faculties, come up with strategic suggestions for additions and cut-backs.

Furthermore, I have asked the Education Board to come up with proposals for a revised study board structure that will match our future study programme portfolio. This work is expected to be launched in March.

Each department has appointed a head of study that represents the department in the Education Board, where also the students play a prominent role. You can read more about the Education Board’s terms of reference and composition here:

However, we can and must not leave all the work to the Education Board. If we should be able to offer high-quality education in a time of decreasing resources, we all need to think in new and smarter ways of teaching and working together. I very much hope that everyone is ready to take on this task.

Changes in management

As several of you already know, I have made reductions in the Faculty’s management, effective January 2016, in order to free resources for other important tasks.

I have decided, in agreement with Torben Damgaard, that he will replace Søren Land as head of the competence unit Graduate Diploma in Business Administration and the Professional Master Secretariat, and will therefore step down as Associate Dean. However, Torben will not only get the responsibility for the administration of the area of adult and continuing education. The professional responsibility for the study programmes and the responsibility for the development of this area will also be anchored in the competence unit under Torben’s management. I’m confident that this merger will focus and strengthen our adult and continuing education activities.

In addition, Jørgen T. Lauridsen and I have agreed that he will hand over the duty as head of the PhD School to Nina Dietz Legind, who will then be both head of PhD School and Associate Dean for Research. Since the PhD programme is a key part of our research activities, it makes sense to bring these functions under one hat in a time of fewer resources.

In connection with the new department structure, it has been important to me that Slagelse and Sønderborg have local managements that can handle campus specific tasks and ensure local cohesion with an eye for the Faculty as a whole. I’m very pleased that Associate Professor Ulrik Wagner and Associate Professor Anna Marie Dyhr Ulrich have agreed to take on the duty as vice heads of department in Slagelse and Sønderborg, respectively. I’m confident they will do well.

I wish you all a happy anniversary year!