Newsletter 26-08-2015


Dear colleagues,

I hope you all enjoyed your summer holidays!

As I announced in the newsletter in the run-up to the holidays, here is an update on the strategy, etc.

We finalised the Faculty strategy just before the holidays, and the implementation is already well under way. At the Faculty level, a number of the actions referred to under the four key strategic initiatives will be rolled out this fall. Several of them are already in process. With a view to ensuring the best possible information and transparency, we have posted information about the various actions on the website. We do not currently have detailed descriptions of all the actions, but we will be updating the website continually with additional information. For more information, click here:

Additionally, the decentralised roll-out of the strategy in the departments and administrative units will be in focus this fall.

The financial situation

I am aware of and appreciate that many of you are concerned about the Faculty’s financial situation. Even though we have shown restraint in 2015, it will be necessary to cut costs further by approximately 25 million DKK net over the next years while preferably at the same time securing sufficient means for the strategic development of the Faculty.

For that reason, the Heads of Department and administrative managers have during the summer provided their input for how to cut costs based on the new strategy. Based on this input, a number of planned job openings have already been cancelled, expected future operating costs have also been reduced, and we are right now in the process of entering into voluntary redundancy agreements and/or offering options for a senior agreement.

Many will no doubt be asking whether there will be any dismissals, too. Unfortunately, we cannot rule that out. However, any such cutbacks must first be presented to the Board of Directors at its next meeting on 28 September 2015, as such weighty decisions are a matter for the Board. The Liaison Committee and other relevant players will of course also be involved. Unfortunately, I cannot comment further until then, but I am very much aware that there is a great need for clear information, and I will update you about the extent of any dismissals as soon as possible after the Board meeting. I expect that by the end of October the necessary steps have been taken to balance the books in the years ahead.

Possible departmental changes

Another subject I have been asked about is possible departmental changes. Since May, we have been working towards creating new and stronger research groups across campuses on the basis of the self-evaluation. This has been a thorough and constructive process, with the involvement of the affected environments. This process will conclude shortly, and soon everyone should know which groups they will be part of in the future. We are busy working with the Heads of Department to assess what the consequences of this should be in terms of our future departmental structure. Based on this work, I will be presenting my recommendation to the Board of Directors at the next meeting in September, as departmental changes are a Board matter at SDU. Until the Board has made its decision, I will unfortunately be unable to comment further.

New job – Mickael Bech

As several of you no doubt already know, Mickael Bech takes up his post as Head of KORA on 1 October 2015. This is a very exciting and significant position, so my farewell to Mickael is tinged with more than a little pride.

I am delighted to see that there is outside demand for SDU’s capable managers. At the same time, we will of course miss Mickael. He has been a terrific colleague and an exceptionally hard-working Head of Department, both in his own department and at the Faculty in connection with our current strategic process. He has been a major driving force in the changes we want to bring about and a key unifying figure in our efforts to create a single, joint Faculty. I wish Mickael every possible success and the very best of luck!


I hope everyone will visit the website regularly at and take an active and constructive part in the roll-out of the strategy, and once again I urge you to get in touch with your immediate manager if you have any questions.