A supporting and sustainable structure



Adapting the departmental structure to the new portfolio of research groups

The new departmental structure has been adopted and entered into force in 2015. See list of departments here.


Developing and implementing a budget and finance model that supports the strategy

A new budget model has been adopted and implemented, read the memo about the budget and finance model here. Further information can be obtained by contacting Personnel and Finance – see the unit’s website.


Developing and adapting the administrative structure

Support for the new head of studies function: The Service Centre has been reorganised –  the Study Administration in Odense and Communications BSS have been merged to become Communication and Education. The unit now has a new team structure to support the cooperation regarding the study programmes and thereby support the heads of studies – see the unit’s website.

Support for research funding applications: Research Support’s support has been reorganised. See Research Support’s website for more information.

The terms of reference for Centre for Educational IT (CPIT) has been adopted (see here), and the Centre is under construction. Further information can be obtained by contacting project manager Poul Basse at SFEO.


Developing and adjusting the role as the head of studies

A list of duties for the heads of studies has been formulated and adopted (only available in Danish, see here). For more information on the head of studies role, follow the Education Board’s work here (only available in Danish).


Developing and strengthening the role of head of research group

A list of duties for the research group heads has been formulated and adopted (see here). More information about the role of head of research group can be obtained by contacting the Vice-Dean for Research, Nina Dietz Legind.


Incentive structures and clear career paths – academic staff and technical and administrative staff

The initiative has not yet been launched as we have been waiting for a central SDU project group. The work will commence in mid-2016 and will be overseen by Head of the Service Centre, Britta Løck Worm.