An enhanced and visible knowledge exchange



Preparing local strategies for knowledge exchange activities based on user needs and local research strengths

The strategy work is carried out locally in the departments. Further information can be obtained by contacting the relevant head of department.


Developing an overall strategy for adult and continuing education

The strategy has been approved in mid-June 2016 and can soon be accessed here. More information about adult and continuing education can be obtained by contacting Head of Professional Development and Executive Education, Faculty of Business and Social Sciences, Torben Damgaard.


Establishing two committees for knowledge exchange

1) SDU ASC is responsible for identifying and implementing selected, preferably interdisciplinary and cross-disciplinary, agenda-setting initiatives and activities based on major societal challenges and in the Faculty’s research strengths.

The Steering Committee has been set up, and the final terms of reference is approved, see here. The first activity, which will introduce SDU ASC to the public, takes place 31 October 2016 where the Faculty marks SDU’s 50th anniversary with a seminar. Follow SDU ASC’s work on the committee’s website.

2) The second committee is responsible for developing methods which will strengthen the academic output of business collaborations and promote business-related activities on the Faculty with a focus on cooperation with business partners and other external parties.

A task force has been formed to prepare a proposal for the terms of reference for the committee.

More information about the two knowledge exchange committees can be obtained by contacting the Vice-Dean for Research, Nina Dietz Legind.


Reorganising the faculty-wide and local administrative support:
  • The support for adult and continuing education activities offered by the Secretariat for Graduate Diplomas and the Professional Master Secretariat
  • A faculty-wide communications platform
  • Contact to and activities for alumni

A head for the adult and continuing education area has been employed, and the work on the support takes place under the auspices of the Secretariat for Graduate Diplomas and the Professional Master Secretariat. You can keep yourself updated on developments on the unit’s website – the Secretariat for Graduate Diplomas and the Professional Master Secretariat


Developing a faculty-wide framework for revenue-funded projects

A common framework has been adopted by the department heads in the beginning of 2016 and will be implemented concurrently with the local knowledge exchange activities.