The strategy and the strategic goals


We must create value for society through our education programmes, research and knowledge exchange – globally, nationally and regionally. This is our raison d’être. Therefore, it must be natural for us to base our activities on the challenges facing society, to include our surroundings in our work and to focus on the needs of employers – and at the same time have the courage to be forward-looking and do things in new ways.

We carry out research to educate students and impart new and relevant knowledge to society. This requires research at a high international level. Therefore, we have to prioritise and focus on the research areas where we can make the biggest difference and where the research can benefit our national as well as international surroundings through our education programmes, knowledge exchange and interdisciplinary collaborations. At the same time, we have to become even better at making our knowledge visible and bringing it into play together with our surroundings, so that no one can question our value to society. In other words: We must create relevant knowledge of the highest quality.

We educate students from all parts of society with different interests and skills. Our education programmes must make a difference for all of them. The programmes must be attractive to both students and employers – and to the Danish society that funds them. Our graduates must be in demand globally, nationally and regionally. We are an international university with regional anchoring.

Therefore all our education programmes must be of high quality at all campuses, both academically and pedagogically, and they must clearly reflect our specific research strengths. They must be academically and financially viable, thus enabling us to secure the present and to invest in the future, and we must invest in finding the most motivated and dedicated students and match them with the right programmes.

We must base our educational activities, research and knowledge exchange on the challenges to society and the needs of employers.

We must have attractive and viable education programmes that lift dedicated students towards relevant jobs through high-quality education at all campuses.

We must have focused research groups at a high international level and with selected spearheads, which are all clearly integrated in our education programmes and knowledge exchange.