4. A supporting and sustainable structure


Development of a structure for departments, education programmes and administration that:
• Secures the framework for and support of the strategic goals and the key strategic initiatives
• Is financially sustainable and provides incentives to fulfil the strategy
• Supports local activities and ensures strategic coordination across education, research and knowledge-exchange activities
• Promotes collaboration across the Faculty and creates a common identity and culture
• Promotes collaboration with other Faculties and with the surrounding society
• Gives the academic staff optimal conditions for research, teaching and knowledge-exchange activities
• Gives the administrative staff optimal conditions for working in a competent, efficient and collaborative way
• Is coordinated with other administrative activities at SDU
• Supports the well-being of employees and a good working environment



  • Adapting the departmental structure to the new portfolio of research groups


  • Developing and implementing a budget and finance model that supports the strategy


  • Developing and adapting the administrative structure based on the new departmental structure and the self-evaluation, including:
    – Developing the administrative support for the new Head of Studies function
    – Developing the support for research funding applications for the new portfolio of research groups
    – Derived consequences of the key strategic initiatives, e.g. changed communication needs and increased focus on pedagogical use of IT


  • Developing the role as Head of Studies in order to strengthen the strategic management of and responsibility for the education programmes


  • Developing and strengthening the role of Research Group Leader with a focus on enhanced leadership skills and strategic management of the research groups


  • Developing and implementing incentive structures and clear career paths that support promotion and prestige through research, education and knowledge-exchange activities


  • Developing clear career paths for the administrative staff through competency development that supports administrative professionalism as well as process and cooperation skills