3. An enhanced and visible knowledge exchange


Creating a significantly strengthened portfolio of activities within:
• Adult and continuing education and alumni activities
• Research-based consultancy and analysis through revenue-funded projects
• Research and development with external parties
• Research dissemination and public sector services
• Inclusion of practical elements in the education programmes

with the purpose of:
• Increasing the visibility and societal relevance of the Faculty’s research and educational activities and enabling the Faculty to become an ”agenda setter” within selected areas
• Creating a more diversified revenue basis for the Faculty through a significant increase of income from adult and continuing education programmes, revenue-funded projects and research and development with external parties

where the activities:
• Are inspired by and developed in close interaction with employers and other end users
• Are based on the Faculty’s strengths within research and education
• Are driven by local initiative and have local anchoring but with joint support and coordination across research groups and departments



  • Preparing local strategies for knowledge-exchange activities based on user needs and local research strengths


  • Developing an overall strategy for adult and continuing education


  • Establishing and coordinating activities from two committees for knowledge exchange:
    – A committee consisting of highly profiled researchers and external parties. This committee will be responsible for identifying and implementing selected agenda-setting initiatives (preferably interdisciplinary and cross-cutting) based on important societal challenges and the Faculty’s research strengths
    – A committee consisting of researchers with special experience in cooperating with business partners and other external parties. This committee will be responsible for developing methods to improve the academic output of business collaborations and to enhance business-related activities throughout the Faculty


  • Reorganising the faculty-wide and local administrative support:
    – Developing the support for adult and continuing education activities offered by the Secretariat for Graduate Diplomas and the Professional Master Secretariat
    – Establishing a faculty-wide communications platform to increase the visibility of the departments’ activities
    – Developing a faculty-wide framework for revenue-funded projects
    – Developing the contact to and activities for alumni