Newsletter 11-06-2015


Newsletter about the strategy // 11-06-2015

The hearing phase ended last week, and I would like to thank you for providing constructive and detailed feedback. We are now working on incorporating these aspects in the strategy. I hope that we will be able to announce the final strategy in the course of the next two weeks.

However, some initiatives that have emerged out of the strategy process are already well under way. Specifically, I have asked the Heads of Department to involve their Heads of Group in discussing how we can reorganize our academic environments, so that we avoid parallel environments and small/weak environments. I know that this initiative has given rise to lively activity at the departments.

In the area for education, a working group headed by Vice Dean Ole Friis is currently considering a strengthened role for the Heads of Studies in the future. More about this initiative later.

In the area for continuing and further education, the ability to make quick interpretations of the needs of the surrounding society and provide matching high-quality solutions is one of the new initiatives. Read the interview with Søren Land, Head of the Professional Master Secretariat here.

The Dean’s Management Team has been contacted by employees who would like more frequent and clearer information about the process. Therefore, we will be issuing newsletters like the present one containing links to news on the website We hope this will give you a better overview of the strategy and the changes it will entail, but I also encourage you to ask your Heads of Group and Heads of Department if you lack information or have concrete questions. They are in a better position to provide answers.

I am fully aware that some employees may feel unsure about the strategy process and the changes that will follow in its wake. Not least those who are not fixed-term employed, and who therefore might be especially insecure about their future. I completely understand this. A clarification about the organizational aspects of academic environments and departments and about our current financial challenges is crucial at this point. So this is where we will begin. We will try to get through this phase as quickly as possible – but without compromising on quality. Therefore, I have asked the Heads of Department and the administrative managers to deliver input to how we can balance our budget again from 2017/2018 in alignment with the new strategy and the completed self-evaluation.

The next newsletter will be sent out when the Dean’s Management Team announces the strategy. In that newsletter, we will also present some of the initiatives we already see taking shape around the Faculty; for example, increased formalized collaboration among research groups across campuses – an area where some environments have already come a long way.