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- Working towards a prioritized portfolio of research groups


Vice Dean for Research, Nina Dietz Legind, encourages academic environments to collaborate across the Faculty.

The strategy is ready, and it addresses critical mass and parallelism. Nina Dietz Legind elaborates:
– The self-evaluation was a useful process, and one of the things that became clear was that we have 34 research groups which are not equally strong. We saw that critical mass and research management are important factors for research and educational activities within the groups.

The wording of the strategy signals that in the future we are going to have few excellent, a number of strong, and few up-and-coming research groups.

– In the light of our current financial situation we cannot provide enough resources to ensure that all 34 research groups can have a status as strong environments. Therefore, we need to find out what to do about the groups that are not strong. We have different options. Groups can merge with other groups. We can provide resources. Or we can phase out the groups.

Another theme in the strategy is addressing parallelism.
– We do not want to have several research groups within the same field. Therefore, we have asked the parallel research environments to come up with their own suggestions for possible scenarios that can address this theme, explains Nina Dietz Legind.

– A task group consisting of the Heads of Department from ILV in Slagelse, IVØ in Odense, IME in Esbjerg and myself has been going over all the research groups. We put together an overview which identified the collaboration possibilities among research groups. The overview was presented to the group of Heads of Department, who scrutinized it and pointed out who would be relevant for addressing the themes that are part of the strategy.

– What we are seeing is that groups are now having talks in various constellations in an effort to outline possible collaboration scenarios. These discussions are carried out among the heads of group, and researchers who are interested to know more about the current status can speak to their head of group.

The Vice Dean explains that all Heads of Department have been asked to provide feedback regarding possible collaboration scenarios at the meeting for Heads of Department on Monday, June 22, 2015.

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