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- It’s all about seeing the opportunities in the collaboration across environments


Mette Lund Kristensen is Head of Research Unit at the Department of Marketing & Management in Odense. Torben Andersen is Head of Department at Campus Slagelse. Their research groups overlap, as they both have researchers who work with management.

In view of the strategy theme that involves addressing overlapping environments or environments without sufficient critical mass, Mette Lund Kristensen and Torben Andersen have met to talk about the possibility for entering into collaboration.

– We need to find out how to make the most of this collaboration. At the same time, people’s research is a large part of who they are, so we have to look at ways to incorporate people’s daily lives into a new context. This is something we have to pay special attention to, and therefore we cannot just force things through, says Mette Lund Kristensen, who we met at her office immediately after the first talk.

She emphasizes that her research group is glad to have this opportunity.
– We welcome the opportunity to have a say in the decision about how things are going to be – it is better to participate than to be thrown into a context where you don’t feel you belong, she says.

Filling the gaps
An interesting aspect is also to find out which research areas the groups cover – and what similar groups at other universities cover.

– We would of course like to identify an area where we do not have relevant research, and thereby perhaps be able to fill that gap. The most important thing is that our groups move closer together and that we do not try to impose one group’s habits and way of thinking on the other group. Because that could potentially create an ‘us’ and a ‘them’. It is important that we stand united and find our feet in a possible new group, says Mette Lund Kristensen.

The two researchers are planning a new meeting to continue their discussions about the possibilities for cooperation.


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