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IT as a pedagogical tool


Last month, representatives from SFEO and IVØ attended a conference in the United States to update their knowledge of IT-based pedagogics.

The visit in the US should be seen against the background of the suggestion in the strategy for setting up a centre for development of IT-based teaching forms, in which SFEO will be playing a central role.

Below, Project Manager Mads Lildholdt from SFEO gives some examples of what he heard and saw at the conference.

– The conference gave us lots of good inspiration to take home with us, and it is very clear that there is a more goal-oriented approach to evidence-based teaching pedagogics in the United States. We were presented with some wild but also some more traditional initiatives – and especially “Flipped Classroom” is receiving a lot of attention at the moment. Flipped Classroom holds many exciting prospects, and it creates a wide framework for new pedagogical initiatives that can shape the way we teach.

– One of the fairly ”wild” initiatives we saw, was a professor, who at the beginning of each semester asked her students to vote about most of the syllabus. She let them decide whether they wanted a lot of sub-assignments and a small exam, few sub-assignments and a big exam, lots of homework and few in-class quizzes, or little homework and lots of quizzes.

US visit

– In one of the sessions we received very interesting input about the use of games in teaching. Especially one game was well thought out. The goal was partly to activate students, and partly the competition for “extra credits” was instrumental in giving the students knowledge about economic terms such as supply & demand and inflation.

– The conference was very rewarding, and SFEO is now working on offering academic staff members a better overview of the good ideas and initiatives that can be used during classes, and we are also on the lookout for courses that can become pilot courses. That will involve a thorough restructuring of the course including a general incorporation of IT-pedagogical tools as one of the bearing elements.

You are welcome to contact Mads Lildholdt for further information.

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