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- Your working environment representative is there for you!


The Faculty is in the middle of a process that will involve changes, and this can cause insecurity among the employees. It may be useful to talk to someone – and this is where the working environment representatives come in.

Jan Guldager Jørgensen is one of the Faculty’s working environment representatives, and he points out     that – together with his fellow representatives – he can be a valuable co-player. He therefore encourages anyone who would like to talk things over to turn to their closest representative.

– There is a sense of uncertainty at the Faculty during this process, and while we cannot eliminate it completely, we can acknowledge it. It is quite normal for employees to feel frustrated during a time of changes.

The working environment representatives have been selected for the task, and there is one for each unit, so everyone has a representative close by. See where you can find your working environment representative.

Jan Guldager Jørgensen encourages employees who feel the need to relieve their mind to make use of this possibility.

– I cannot give advice to employees here, since it is highly individual how someone reacts and what that particular person may need. I just want to call attention to the fact that we are here. We are prepared to listen to your concerns and we are also bound by professional secrecy, so what you say stays between us, unless you want us to take the matter further.

The working environment representatives are not the only resource available to you as an employee at the Faculty. You can also seek counselling from your local union representative.

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